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The Old Fortress

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The Fortress it still stands elegantly today on a promontory not far from the Capo Carbonara. It is visible from the towers of Chief Boi, Porto Giunco e Caterina Cove, and had in the past the main purpose of controlling the port of Capo Carbonara, and give hospitality to coral workers and fishermen.

Beautiful and impressive to look at, enjoys wonderful orange sunsets every day, fiery as only in Sardinia they can be. But behind his lazy and docile appearance, the Fortress hides an adventurous and rich past.
The fortress: a bit of history

The analysis of masonry residues, have allowed scholars to hypothesize the presence of a primitive structure as early as XIV century. It is in this period that Carbonara, the ancient Villasimius, pass to the Aragonese, who will grant it as a fiefdom to the family carriage as compensation for the fundamental role played during the conquest of Sardinia.

The first Spanish grafts should date back to around 1580-1590 and are attributable to the fortification policy of the Sardinian coasts through connected towers, wanted by Philip II. The objective of the fortifications was to defend against Turkish-Barbarian attacks, who had been plundering the Sardinian coasts for decades.

It is known for certain that between 1590 and 1951 the fortress was established by a garrison that had to watch over the trap. It is from this moment that the Fortress acquires a fundamental role in the defense of the Sardinian coasts.

In Savoy era the tower was not abandoned, remaining an active organ of defense of the coast. Written documents inform us that in 1767 it housed a captain, three soldiers and two cannons, and in 1812, managed to resist a barbarian attack under the blows of which, had fallen the tower of snake and that of Cabbage Island.

1847 is an important date for the old fortress. The last captain of the tower, the warden, he was fired. The structure fell into a state of abandonment and became a shelter for shepherds, until 1968, date from which the first restorations of the tower started and interest in the structure was rediscovered.

The Old Fortress today
Given its history, the suggestive location in which it stands and its beauty, today the Old Fortress has become a Museum. Permanently hosts the exhibition “Enemigos de la Fe”. The ticket costs 1 euro for adults, while it is free for children aged 0 to 6 years, as well as free you can take advantage of the show that is offered to tourists at sunset, of a sun that illuminates the royal tower and that goes to die beyond the coasts that greet the fortress, cradled by an always calm undertow, barely moved by the placid return of the boats to port. The advice is to absolutely visit it.
Of particular charm is a document dating back to 1788, nel quale si invita l’;Admiral of the Tower to remove his wife from the fortress, as the structure did not have to be exactly suitable for the life of a lady.


E’; pervenuto a notizia di quest’;Distinguished Admirers that you, without even the Colonel delle Torri's permission, have brought your wife to this Tower. Simile maniera di operare dovea incontrare la disapprovazione de’; prefati Sig.ri Ammi.ri; while you must not ignore, that the permanence of women in the Towers is not convenient, and where there is a legitimate cause, you must follow it up to the Royal Administration, or at least to d.o Colonnello, which reporting it to the med Royal Adm. And it can be determined whether or not permission should be granted. Di loro ordine pertanto vi incarico di pensare all’;removal of your wife from cod.a Torre by making sure you do the opposite. Cagliari 7 February 1788 Royal Adm. and Guiso Secretary to Gius. and Ignazio Mattana Alcaide of the old Fortress;.


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