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Villasimius and the beaches of South East Sardinia

Beaches: a rich Photo Gallery

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VILLASIMIUS_17The beautiful beaches of Villasimius

The Villasimius area is characterized by long beaches of blinding whiteness, tongues of white and very fine sand that plunge into a crystalline sea of ​​iridescent colors, never equal to themselves. The suggestive alternation of landscapes that present themselves to the visitor is always surprising: wide beaches and secret coves, rocky cliffs and hidden ponds, ancient towers guarding the area and rugged mountain ranges that seem to want to dive into the sea. Villasimius is all this and perhaps even more! Today we talk about some of the beautiful beaches of Villasimius. Arriving from Cagliari we find ourselves in front of a spectacular postcard: the beach of Porto Sa Ruxi, looking closely we realize that in reality it is an alternation of coves and small rocky promontories. We are in the protected Geomarine Park of Capo Carbonara.

You are impressed how this beach is protected from the Mistral. The Mediterranean scrub it is thick and frames the soft sand dunes. On site there is a refreshment point and there is the possibility of renting bathing equipment. Another beach that I consider unmissable is Rice Beach, unique and inimitable! The peculiarity lies in its sand, made up of very small granitic quartz grains, their colour, glossy pinkish-white, makes them very similar to grains of rice, hence the place name. This peculiarity, Unfortunately, it is being lost, this phenomenon was due to the slow disintegration of matter, due to atmospheric agents and to a particular cooling. The Mediterranean scrub that covers the hills and mountains, green and fragrant, surrounds the beach and gives it the appearance of an amphitheater. The coast is quite extensive and lapped by a very transparent sea and with colors that vary from shades of green to blue.

The whole area is quite wild, off the beaten track of mass tourism and sparsely built, this makes it an even more wonderful and heavenly destination. The seabed is immediately deep and thanks to the wind that is almost never missing, it is a favorite beach for surfers, who visit it in all seasons. On site, bathing services are not guaranteed and you must use the port car park, which in high season is subject to charges. Continuing our journey on the coastal road we reach and double Capo Carbonara, heading towards Costa Rei, the last beach we find is the Punta Molentis beach, also called the beach of the donkey.

This curious name, refers to the donkey, in Sardinian dialect su molenti, which was used, nell’800, to enter the granite quarry, disused today, located on the coast. The peculiarity of this place is given by the high rocks, up to 15 meters, that surround it. On the hill behind you can admire the remains of the Nuragic civilizations that inhabited the area. The Mediterranean maquis is so rich and thick that the scents carried by the wind can be perceived in the air. You can also admire tall trees such as: tamarisks, eucalyptus, cysts and mastics, all this contributes to making this beach truly fascinating. In summer it is quite crowded, also because it is sheltered from the wind.