24 July 2024

The Church of Santa Maria

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What today appears to us as a small church out of town, solitary and always enlivened by lights, ospitata da quella piana detta di Santa Maria, it is a building full of history and charm. Easily visible from the roadside, l’edificio doveva essere parte integrante di una villa rustica romana eretta non più tardi del I sec. d.C.

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Assolveva ad una funzione di piccolo edificio termale, dotato di un calidarium, ossia un ambiente d’accesso riscaldato e di due praefurnia, che ospitavano i fuochi il cui scopo principale era quello di riscaldare il vano principale. Ancora oggi sono visibili frammenti di quella cinta muraria, made up of granite bricks quarried in the area and bound by malta of lime.

However, the Roman one is not the only historical phase experienced by that small and picturesque building, since even during Christianity, it has had its share of glory. At this juncture the calidarium losing its previous functions, will continue to house the statue of a Roman matron, dating back to the first century. d.C. it is still preserved today Archaeological Museum of Villasimius. For Christians, the statue will become a representation of the Madonna and the building will be reused for worship.

Finally in the western area, underlying the floor and dating back to the imperial and early medieval periods, interesting burials have been found. The last reconstruction of the church of Santa Maria, which still defies the passage of time, dates back to 1920.

The church can still be visited today and admission is free.