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form a network that, everyday, dà a migliaia di utenti l’;opportunity to get to know the south-east of Sardinia in all its facets.
They are websites full of exclusive content, including unique and original photo galleries and videos of the area.
The goal of the project is to highlight our identity, tell our traditions, history, events and other topics of interest for a tourist who chooses to visit the southeast of Sardinia.

Shall we often with images and videos shot among the people, just to tell the territory in a spontaneous and genuine way, without artifice, as if to say: "We are like that, this is Sardinia, come and see for yourself”.
We believe that this is a valid way to spread atmospheres and emotions in a more effective and genuine way than traditional video spots, troppo spesso incentrati su un’;archetypal and massified image, and usually unnecessarily expensive.

About us

Tour Operator - Municipal Administrator MURAVERA
“Today the importance of “web reputation” for a territory that wants to establish itself on the international tourist scene. Individual tour operators can contribute to this, commercial operators, institutions and anyone who can tell, through the web, something of our reality. Initiatives like this are welcome who want to build a support to make known the splendid place in which we live. “

President of the Tourist Consortium and the Naval League of VILLASIMIUS
“The Network of South Sardinia is a concrete action where the Tourist Consortium of Villasimius plans to act directly for the sale of the Villasimius tourist product via the web. We entrepreneurs, we support and ask for support for this beautiful initiative private that makes the destination important and marketable. “

Direttore Veraclub Suneva &; Golf MURAVERA
“Certainly an eclectic initiative, only people like you deeply lovers of their territory can describe the beauty of these unique places in the world. Your undisputed professional ability then feeds the massive diffusion. “

Sonia PIG
VILLAPUTZU Travel and Tourism Agency
Finally a beautiful and interesting initiative which aims at the growth and promotion of our fabulous territory. Very good ! “

Gianluigi MOLINARI
Tour Operator - Municipal Administrator CASTIADAS
“Nessuno prima d’;now he had thought of promote the Sarrabus how are you doing.

E’; a show to observe the territory in all its facets. Well done. “

Pierpaolo PIU
Direttore / General Manager – Hotel Villas Resort CASTIADAS
“The Web is now the present and the future to which we must rely more and more, starting to give trust in our territory and to the sector operators who work and who represent us.

Thanks for thinking about it. “

Raffaele OF THE DUKE
Direttore / General Manager – Hotel Garden Beach CASTIADAS
“The old word of mouth is no longer enough, companies that want to enter the new dynamics of communication they must learn to use the channels and tools offered by the web to establish that fundamental strategic interaction and relationship in order to continue to be on the market. Therefore I can only be satisfied when you find attentive and dynamic people who are there for you help promote the area. Well done ! “

Gianni TIME
MURAVERA Travel Agency and Tour Operator
“I think it is very important for all tour operators to enter a be part of this Network, the first that presents the Sarrabus as a whole in maniera professionale e genuina. Una spinta in più per il nostro territorio. “

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