24 July 2024

traditional dishes

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In Villasimius everyone becomes a good fork. The restaurants and cooks in the area are capable of putting all the traditional Sardinian gastronomy on the table, giving the best of itself in the typical dishes of the area, with a straightforward and simple taste based on genuine and local ingredients from mare or from the earth.

You say Villasimius and think about In costedda, a rustic focaccia that is prepared in the town and its surroundings: the ingredients are essential but their freshness and genuineness give life to an exquisite dish. From the union of flour, yeast, water, sale, onions or tomato an unforgettable Mediterranean delight for the palate is born.

The secret lies in the freshness of the basic ingredients and in the wood-burning oven used for cooking sa costedda, that freshly baked smells good. It can be found in any bakery or pastry shop in Villasimius and is often served in the best restaurants.

Impossible not to have tasted them at least once: i badly made they are tasty dumplings mixed with fresh local ricotta and spinach, served on a bed of tomato sauce. An essential dish but with an appetizing taste, it is to be savored with good wine and excellent local bread.

Also based on ricotta are the fried dumplings, this time sweet. They are served hot, just removed from the pan and flooded with delicious honey. One leads to another.