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The mountains of the seven brothers

By on 6 October 2014 0 8615 Views

Not just the sea: Walking in the heart of the Sette Fratelli mountains, one has an idea of ​​what Sardinia must have been like many centuries ago, before the reckless cutting of forests that became coal and energy. Living in the intimate solitude of the area, you can admire centuries-old trees, each with a story to tell: holm oaks, carob trees, olive trees, junipers, these are just some of the shrubs that you will encounter in the thick lowland Sardinian forest, inhabited by deer, boars, rabbits, hares, feral cats, but also martens, foxes and weasels.

The sky that overlooks the beautiful forests that smell of the Mediterranean is instead inhabited by wood pigeons, golden eagles, poiane, ravens and fabulous red woodpeckers, that more than one birdwatcher has been able to discover not without surprise.

In short, a surprising variety and an astonishing capacity for adaptation of the species: count that deer, boars, island rabbits and hares are the smallest on the whole continent.