27 May 2024

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The marine protected area (the Zones)

by on 2 October 2014 0

Villasimius has decided to protect a large part of its territory, including the coast, since 1999 thanks to a Decree of the Minister of the Territory, and the results are already visible today. On the other hand, the richness of the area is largely represented by the wild and fragrant nature that inhabits it and the protected area does not...

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Archeology and Art

by on 30 September 2014 0

The nuraghi: The truncated conical towers called nuraghi are the most fascinating and impressive example of the nuragic culture that developed on the island between 1600 and 535 BC. In the internal area of ​​Villasimius you can visit what remains of the many nuraghi that arose in the area: the Giardone nuraghe in the Campus area, but also the ...

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by on 30 September 2014 0

To say Villasimius is to say pristine and wild beaches and coast, barely touched by the birth of services that have the effect of making it, if possible, even more beautiful. But to say Villasimius is above all to say discovery, the one reserved for visitors who, once you reach the small seaside village, they realize that this corner of Sardinia is the sea,...

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Protected sea area (l’;environment)

by on 22 March 2012 0

The natural environment The submerged scenarios are characterized by granite rocks that form pinnacles and bastions, depressions, splits and tafoni, often colored by the yellow of the sea daisies or by the red of the gorgonians. Nei pressi dei Variglioni dell’; Isola dei Cavoli it is common to meet herds of Mediterranean barracudas and follow them on their patrols in search of food, grazie anche alla notevole trasparenza dell’; water. Close...

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